Drawing skills~ one to one session 

Zhad came to me from an Academic education at a local Grammar School having embarked on a Duke of Edinburgh Award. His aim was to enhance his drawing skills over the course of 12 sessions. To the left is a drawing I asked him to make before he started the sessions with me so we had a record of his creative journey. Below are a selection of the drawings he made where you can clearly see the progress he made. 

One of my favorite tasks I like to give my students is a crumpled up sweet rapper, plus sometimes we get to eat while were working!

The top image is made with charcoal and the image underneath was made with pen and ink, as I remember Zhad really loved this very unforgiving medium, which he expressed with other drawings he produced. 


As Zhads awareness grew he gained a greater understanding of composition, perspective the relationship between spaces, experienced an opportunity to explore how different mediums behaved. As part of the process he also grew in self confidence and esteem.  

Some previous work from Saturday Art Class

The children that I have worked with over the years range in age and ability; This is Sophie's pastel drawing, she was 10 at the time and fairly new to the group. We had a few one to ones and in a very short space of time her drawing had changed.

It's amazing that even young children soon learn to not play and so when they come to me we experiment with a wide variety of media and experiment with all the art's and craft we can think of; some things they love and want to do again and again ( paper making for example) not much they don't like but often it's the most simple things that work. I also ask them if there is anything they have a burning desire to try so they feel part of something and their ideas get explored and importantly heard even if sometimes it's just not possible to do a project in the time we have, we explore the reasons why.

Anyway I'll be up loading some of their work and talking about the things that come up during the session.

Were working on textiles this term following on from last term and hopefully we will have some completed bags by the summer.

The ideas are based on Ralli quits and the girls have been looking at many different textile designs to start them off as well as pattern designing in 2"x 2" squares, lots of fun to do and quite addictive, have a go your self and see how many different patterns you can create.