Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Brave Soul

A Few of my Sketch book pages

I haven't blogged in an age! I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and hope yours has been fairly stress free and that you find time to fit in some creative fun!

I moved house in August, I lived at my old address for 12 and half years so it was quite an eye opener being a natural hoarder mostly bit's and pieces that I claim will be of some artistic benefit coupled with enough dust I could of created a sculpture with.....but we were ruthless and had a massive chuck out! Which is so good for the soul! and has made me reflect and although it was the longest I've ever lived anywhere I really should be more motivated to have a clear out or move more often! I found that my Daughter was far better at throwing things out than me left to my own devices I'm ashamed!  I haven't missed the things we through out or gave to charity it's been an adventure

I'm going to share 3 pages with you today, a song I really like from the film the lake house because I'm a romantic at hart.....a very unplanned page titled 'Brave soul' and one in progress I was feeling a bit sad about the forth coming end to this year! 


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