Saturday, 8 May 2010


I'm experiencing turbulent emotions and painful times with FM. But out of an incredibly painful day this came; I did how ever feel a deep calm, perhaps the brains way of coping with pain. 

A chance to shine!

Everyone has something to offer in a group and each person adds value.
I like to spotlight someone and this time it's Jo Jo, She has reached deep within her self this term in particular and bursting with creativity. And her sketch book just shows it, I love the "art class rules!" Yae.

The bits & bobs boxes are left over tea boxes they were just asked to decorate it however they felt, just for fun to keep printing stamps and of course bits & bobs in. Harmony covered hers with left over raping paper and cut out a design from and old card, there's a message on the inside of the lid ;-)

A design Harmony made for the inspiration for the bags were making, there are small stitches running through this one.
And a start on the bags has begun; Sophie had to unpick all of her stitching as the side piece's didn't line up, much to her disappointment and she hated me for a good 10 minutes for asking her to do so but all ended well after she and I battled with the sewing machine, Sophie this is shaping up to be stunning. Jo Jo is making a felt purse which is so sweet can't wait to see them finished.

OK lastly we did some weaving around Easter and I 'duh' I didn't photograph them. The brown, gold & green one is a sample I made with a group a few years back and it's good to show a finished one as the task can seem daunting, mine has a button,beads,wire,fabric as well as threads and ribbons. The red one below is my daughter Jodie's (14)  she's up to her eye's with school work so hasn't gotten round to finishing it; anyway as my memory serves me they came out well and the girls enjoyed making them, Harmony turned hers into a bracelet, what an original idea! and we thought they could be included in a bag or make a whole bag with this technique.

Light bulb moment

I thought this was an great idea that Vanessa came up with, a solution to viewing how a design works in theory, on paper. As you can see she has photographed an outside pizza oven and printed it off in black and white.  I just had to share this and I'm wondering how I can use it in the future.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who uses this idea or who already has done something along the same lines and course will post any picture/links.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Garden design & moths

Vanessa's fans will be interested to see the ideas she's working on. Above some more of those lovely moths, this is a photo of her's I just love they way she grouped them and The other design is what she is doing for her garden design course, she redrew the image onto tracing paper and painted it with gouache, Vanessa's taken this into a 3D model and the results are stunning, awaiting her to e-mail me the photo's which I'll add once she has.

Have a great day, be creative!