Friday, 23 April 2010

Hope and Millande

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Ok if anyone can tell me why this image wont load the right way up I'd love to know. I've just put it on my Millande Art page and it's fine so up side down it stays for now anyway. But what a great link to Millande, It's an art group for woman You have to sign up to be able to view but if your not sure then take a look at which is her web site. An amazing lady doing great things to inspire, teach and share.

I've worked out how I could get this image to be the right way round but I'm going to leave it.

Journal pages

I have been busy soaking up hundreds of images, reading lots of blogs with a view to getting the most out of mine and improving it for all that read it too.

I've been learning new techniques, teaching and creating work and for those who don't know me I also have FM which for now is going into some form of remission and I remind myself that we all have limitations and we all get tired and being creative is tiring.

I've also started art journalling and to my surprise there's tones of this on-line. Despite keeping a journal for many years this is a new way of working for me and above is one of the many results which I'll be sharing along the way. I was mainly just playing with some new hand made stamps I'd made and just building up layers of paint on Gesso and applying bees wax, from this play some new work has emerged.