Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Buzzing about mosaics

Well done Vanessa on being excepted at Hadlow College, never doubted you for a minute.

Vanessa and I discussed the idea of using this blog for just mosaics as she has been a volunteer at Bore Place near Edenbridge " A group of organisations based on an organic farm and study centre, working towards sustainable solutions in farming, the environment and education" They have asked Vanessa to produce a mosaic in part of their grounds, which with delight she's excepted and was buzzing with Ideas this morning.

So I've asked Vanessa if we could follow her in this journey and she's going to keep photographic record of how things progress.
This is another piece of Vanessa's work from last year, she took the inspiration from the word ' Precious' and a collage of the mosaic allowed her to explore ideas, Vanessa was able to see what her design might look like; also allowing her to explore a process, giving her time to think about what materials she wanted to use and how she was going to approach the finished product.

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