Friday, 30 October 2009

Exploring Ideas

Vanessa is working on a project that in part includes a personal poem, The image is part of many ideas that she is exploring, using wire wool stitched onto wire. She has made some others including paper pulp, plastic and's coming soon!

I love this idea, it has some exciting possibilities for this material.

Texture & Pattern Cont:

Staying with texture and pattern we looked at a collection of shells and star fish, looking at the patterns naturally formed. the children made studies of the shells and drawing in their sketch books before taking this into a project.

kicking off the new Term

After the long summer brake brains have slowed down to well a bit of a creative stop, this is quite normal and I feel it's my job to get the wheels turning again; It was a great term everyone was really fired up and worked so hard, contributed some brilliant ideas. I've been spending a lot of time looking at other peoples work and reading blogs.

This warm up exercise using Chinese news paper, exploring texture and pattern.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Buzzing about mosaics

Well done Vanessa on being excepted at Hadlow College, never doubted you for a minute.

Vanessa and I discussed the idea of using this blog for just mosaics as she has been a volunteer at Bore Place near Edenbridge " A group of organisations based on an organic farm and study centre, working towards sustainable solutions in farming, the environment and education" They have asked Vanessa to produce a mosaic in part of their grounds, which with delight she's excepted and was buzzing with Ideas this morning.

So I've asked Vanessa if we could follow her in this journey and she's going to keep photographic record of how things progress.
This is another piece of Vanessa's work from last year, she took the inspiration from the word ' Precious' and a collage of the mosaic allowed her to explore ideas, Vanessa was able to see what her design might look like; also allowing her to explore a process, giving her time to think about what materials she wanted to use and how she was going to approach the finished product.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

This is some of the children's work from last year that was included on my last site. There is far to much for one post so I'll attempt to start with some of the portrait work we did.

ok I wouldn't be much of a good sport if I didn't include my own so this is mine unfinished, work in progress, I like to join in sometimes I find it helps and the kids seem to like it, creates conversation and a few laughs!

Mosaics by Vanessa Hubick

Vanessa kindly sent me some pictures of a garden piece she made this year, nice to see the progression to finished piece.

This was designed and created solely by vanessa, an ambious start and I'm sure much more is to come. good luck today Vanessa everyone is thinking of you.
I'm really excited about the up and coming months and felt like a bit of a hero managing to get my head round the technical stuff and relived that the traffic is low although I stop myself because nobody want low traffic to there site but I have so much work to prepair for.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Vanessa Hubick

It's a shame the first blog ends up on the bottom of the page as with delight, Vanessa who started when I opened "etc etc" last year is going on to apply to a degree course in garden design at Hadlow College.

Vanessa had no previous experience and joined one of my classes to learn more about mosaics and to improve her drawing skills.